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“As out of town owners who had not sold a home for 30 years we found Bill extremely easy to work with…a real professional who was fully engaged throughout. He patiently walked us through the process, helped us hire a reasonable handyman to touch up some areas in the home, and even encouraged us to wait until the first of the year to list due to the Seattle real estate blues and the upcoming holidays (we didn’t listen and should have). Bill knows the neighborhood well as he lives nearby, and he understood the market we were selling into. He held open houses virtually every weekend feasible and forwarded all realtor feedback to us for review. He also took care of minor maintenance and upkeep as we do not live in Seattle – such as raking leaves, sweeping walks and shoveling the sidewalks during snowmaggedon. He would check on the house frequently, turning off lights and making sure all was secure after showings. When the lockbox was stolen off the house Bill met a locksmith there and got the doors rekeyed. He also coordinated getting the “inspection fix list” completed by meeting contractors at the site. All in all it gave us a lot of comfort knowing Bill was looking out for us and our house. He provided an exceptional service and we would recommend him without reservation.” Sheila E.

“Bill worked tirelessly to help us find the right home for our family. Staying with us for almost two years, he championed us despite our shifting criteria as we honed in on what we wanted. He kept us informed about the variable market conditions and notified us about properties as soon as they became available. He is a wellspring of knowledge about the Seattle area, home ownership, and the home buying process. He was open to any question we threw at him. And with a friendly demeanor and helpful attitude, working with him was a breeze. Bill was invaluable in our search, so we can’t recommend him enough!” Clay W.

“You consistently went above and beyond by helping us with things that really didn’t fall under the Realtor job description … We really could not have asked for a more wonderful, helpful, friendly, efficient Realtor who truly knows his stuff!  We are so lucky that we had you as our Realtor on this sale.”    Arden C.

“As a homeowner and residential real estate investor I have experienced unsurpassable service using Bill Aubuchon over the past 10 years.  I have never seen anyone work as hard or with as much integrity as Bill.”    Stephanie S.

“As President of the Board of Directors … I was very pleased with the highly professional and competent services offered by Bill and would highly recommend him for any real estate needs.”   Robert S.

“I highly recommend the services of Bill Aubuchon.  Bill sold my house recently in an increasingly difficult market.  Bill’s knowledge gave me a competitive advantage among a number of similar properties in the area … After a contractor friend did an amateurish job on my kitchen and bathroom counter backsplashes, Bill’s response was to bring over his tile saw, and he and I put in new tile backsplashes!”   Michael A.

Out-of-state Owners:

“Bill, I went through a terrible divorce the past few years. I lost everything … I’m just glad I am still alive today. Church and my bible group help me through these difficulties. God give me strength and courage to stand up again…it is a miracle and amazing experience…

The reason I tell you this is because … I think more than a year ago when you first started to work with me, my mind wasn’t so clear. You were the one that had the patience to call me, remind me, and never get upset for what I didn’t do. You went through my difficult time with me and never gave up on me. That was amazing of you.

You are the best agent on earth. If I have any friends that need help in real estate in Seattle, you are the one that I will recommend. Thank you for all your hard work. Take good care of yourself and family. I will keep in touch with you.  If you get any chance to come here in SF, don’t hesitate to call me. Thank you very much again!” Jennifer C.    (Note: we were able to negotiate a complete waiver of debt in Jennifer’s short sale.)

“As out-of-town sellers, we felt a little lost, but after speaking with you I knew immediately we were in good hands.  Your reading of the local market and of buyer sentiment in general turned out to be uncannily accurate … We received more for the house than we had hoped for due in large part to the way you marketed the house … I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your handling of every detail no matter how small.  It made what could have been a stressful experience a breeze.  Thanks again for your help and your kindness.”   Judy L.

“I want to thank you for being so incredibly efficient and comfortable to work with in listing and selling my property in Seattle … Thanks for making this long distance transaction a snap”   Jennifer G.

“Thank you so much for handling the sale of our house in Seattle in such a supportive and professional manner.  We felt especially vulnerable being so far away, but your frequent communication and the extra services you provided made all the difference to us.”   Rod and Karen L.

“The sale of my ‘out of state’ rental house could not have gone smoother or been achieved as successfully without the aid of Bill Aubuchon.  Thank you Bill for the numerous ways that you assisted me beyond my expectations … All this praise makes it sound like Bill must be a friend or relative.  No, he is a real estate person who sent me many letters and literature over the years stating he specialized in out-of-state sale of property.  When I decided to sell my rental house … I decided to take a chance with this real estate person I had never met.  A risk I took that was successful and worth taking!”   Catharine S.

“Nancy and I want to thank you for selling our house.  We realize it was NOT your normal real estate transaction due to the fact that we live in Michigan … and you had to market the property during the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression!  We have to commend you for going above and beyond to get this house sold.  We would gladly recommend your services because you proved that you can sell a house when no one else can!”  Bim and Nancy B.